Wedding in Moush Wedding in Moush Wedding in Moush Wedding in Moush

Wedding in Moush



Dimensions: 50-70 cm
Number of pieces: 1000 pieces
Material: blue cardboard
The puzzle is made in China
The box and other attributes are produced in Armenia
It is packed in Gyumri

The author depicted the winter city of Mush during a wedding celebration. Usually, the entire village participated in the wedding. In the center are the dhol-zurna players. the leader of the round dance (probably the gyovnd) is the azap, next to the bridegroom and the bride. This is what the traditional Armenian wedding was like: national song, dance, children running under the feet or crouching on the vows, neighbors watching.
 The city of Mush is an old Armenian settlement in Western Armenia and was mainly inhabited by Armenians before the Armenian Genocide.

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