Vardanank Vardanank Vardanank Vardanank




Dimensions: 50-70 cm
Number of pieces: 1000 pieces
Material: blue cardboard
The puzzle is made in China
The box and other attributes are produced in Armenia
It is packed in Gyumri

The mural (also the tapestry) carries the advice of the historian Yeghishe about the War of Vardanants: "Death not known is death, death known is immortality." In the center, the commander Vardan Mamikonyan is depicted riding a white steed. He is surrounded by a multitude of armed fighters who are concerned about the fate of the motherland and are ready to die for it. The figure of Ghevond Yerets, calling him to fight for his faith, is emphasized in a white outfit. In the picture you will also find the famous elders of the Armenian people, from Paruyr Sevak to Hayk Nahapet.

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